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Would you rent? Why not


Renting is a confirmed  trend again . But what do we all rent? Everything, it is the answer. In the most disparate sectors. From city apartments to holiday homes, from means of transport to work vehicles. Rent As per definition: The lease, in law, constitutes the contract with which a party (called landlord) is obliged …

ig tv

IG TV: the TV on Instagram


And after videos on Youtube, on Facebook and even on Linkedin, another social network has opened the door to this sector. Though, there is news. In this case, we are not only talking about simple uploaded videos, but about a real social TV. The social network we are talking about is Instagram. IG TV From …


Advertising on Facebook


Even this year, Facebook is reconfirmed  as the most followed and used social network with a continuous growing trend. Some historical information Do we all know his story? For those who do not know, here are some of the most significant data: Facebook is a social media and social network launched on 4 February 2004, …

rpm garantie

RPM Garantie’s services


The NewGest company was founded in Biella in 2004 and now bears the name of RPM Garantie. Since then the company has developed strongly and now counts offices all over Europe. It is characterized by a strong development and its field of action is the automotive sector. Ideology Let’s see, with the words of the …