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code injection

Code injection: the uses

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There is little talk of code injection. Or rather, it is little talked about among the non-professionals, because this technique is very common and used. Commonly used by anyone even without knowing it. The time has therefore come to deepen the discussion and understand what it is. Code injection: meaning First of all, let’s analyze …


How to open an online store

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For all those who want to expand their clientele or simply to reinvent themselves in a new job, the web certainly offers a great possibility, that of the online store. A great innovation that widens the horizons and increases the possibility of sales. But how to open your own online store? What are the possibilities? …

laser technology Maralaser

Laser technology

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Laser technology appears on the market at the end of the 70s and immediately finds a high consense and large use. How does Laser technology work? The laser is a device capable of emitting a coherent light beam. The term refers not only to the device but also to the physical phenomenon of amplification by …


Would you rent? Why not

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Renting is a confirmedĀ  trend again . But what do we all rent? Everything, it is the answer. In the most disparate sectors. From city apartments to holiday homes, from means of transport to work vehicles. Rent As per definition: The lease, in law, constitutes the contract with which a party (called landlord) is obliged …