Bluetooth… also in the kitchen with Diadema

The bluetooth technology is one of the technological systems at our disposal that has become increasingly popular in recent years and that is able to facilitate us in many situations.

Its use varies in many different sectors such as information technology, telephony and even in the kitchen, as we will see shortly.

His greatest merit?
No wires!


First of all let’s try to understand what bluetooth technology consists of:

In telecommunications, Bluetooth is a technical-industrial data transmission standard for wireless personal networks. Provides a standard, cost-effective and secure method for exchanging information between different devices through a secure short-range radio frequency.

And also:

Bluetooth adapters allow you to create a connection between a computer and other devices equipped with this technology

Diadema products and the use of Bluetooth technology

In Italy we find the company Diadema, a leader in the production of technological and design products, which has also exploited this particular functionality in its products.

The quality of our products comes from the rigorous selection of high-value materials and components that pass the standard of home appliances towards the top of the range.
The technology, based on a true engineering art, tends to a continuous commitment to progress towards values ​​such as invention and innovation.

We mentioned it in incipit: Diadema has managed to incorporate bluetooth technology into its products. An example is the built-in chiller.

The built-in blast chiller with Bluetooth technology

The blast chiller reinterprets the way you cook and feed, allowing a healthier and more controlled diet every day for the whole family. Just as it happens in the kitchens of the best restaurants, the foods will maintain unchanged flavors and intrinsic qualities and can be stored much longer. The blast chiller is also an indispensable tool for the consumption of raw fish, in a country like Italy where it is traditionally highly appreciated in addition to the more recent Sushi spread. Fish is often the object of harmful contamination by anisakis (parasite transmitted by the fish itself), salmonella and staphylococcus. The abatement process allows to prevent the aggression of bacteria to the food allowing us to enjoy it without any risk of intoxication.

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