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Diadema: three products in comparison

Diadema is an Italian company very attentive to technology and innovation. It offers Made in Italy products, which are forefront.

3 Products in comparison

Today we talk about three specific products. They are all characterized by an innovative and technological design.

Let’s see: the built-in beer dispenser, the ice maker and built-in water dispenser and the built-in blast chiller.

Built-in chiller

The blast chiller reinterprets the way you cook and feed, allowing a healthier and more controlled diet every day for the whole family. Just as it happens in the kitchens of the best restaurants, the foods will maintain unchanged flavors and intrinsic qualities and can be stored much longer. The blast chiller is also an indispensable tool for the consumption of raw fish, in a country like Italy where it is traditionally highly appreciated in addition to the more recent Sushi spread. Fish is often the object of harmful contamination by anisakis (parasite transmitted by the fish itself), salmonella and staphylococcus. The abatement process allows to prevent the aggression of bacteria to the food allowing us to enjoy it without any risk of intoxication.

Ice maker and built-in water dispenser

A glass of fresh water, maybe with a few ice cubes? Nothing could be much easier today, with the built-in water dispenser. We speak of a product of design that is well integrated into the surrounding environment, but above all can give that extra touch.

Diadema thought about everything: you can choose to have sparkling or natural water, at room temperature or cooler and maybe with some ice.
What else? You just have to try it.

Beer dispenser

This dispenser gives you the pleasure of quenching your thirst with a fresh beer whenever you wish. Following the typical tapping ritual, from a stem of 5 lt. you can enjoy your favorite beer at the desired temperature.

To find out all the products in the Diadema catalog, it is necessary to consult the company website.

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