Emotional Grand Motel: Suite Celebrity

The first and only luxury motel in Europe has just opened its doors in the province of Novara.

What to expect?
A tropical paradise, a Tuareg camp and a flaming red Cadillac, parked in the middle of a luxuriant clearing.

We are not daydreaming, but describing some of the rooms where you really can stay at the  Emotional Grand Motel.

Thematic Room

The emotions are the “fil rouge” of this new structure that counts 50 thematic rooms, all different from each other, but all able to surprise their guests from the very first moment.

The thematic suites boast unique, original and exclusive settings, truly incomparable scenographies in the international panorama of hospitality.

Let’s see them better

Charme à Paris, Grease, Love Island, Tropical Beach, Oasi, Celebrity, Ninfea are some of the evocative names of these rooms.

For example, the Grease suite has a bed embedded in an authentic Cadillac, completely reequipped; while in the Aphrodite room you will find a spa in a cave to relive the ancient ritual of the goddess of love.

The Celebrity Suite

Among the wide choice offeres, we find the Celebrity suite.

57 square meters in total pink for this room able to make you rediscover the feeling with your most intimate and romantic femininity.

And then: suspended sofas, whirlpools, mini-pools, maxi showers of exceptional dimensions (4 sqm), some embedded in the bright bow windows, chromotherapy … everything here is luxury.

A pink world

Pink are the floor, the walls, the ceiling … Pink is the round king-size bed, kept inside a precious golden cage, a recurring motif in the arts of the surrealists.

The luxurious mini-pool set in the floor is also pink, with a chromotherapy shower, accessed by an intriguing entrance.

In short, the feminine color “par excellence” shows all its nuances in this suite … including those of seduction.

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