Travelling by car

Travelling by car: you need warranties

And to travel we have at our disposal many means of transport.

One of the favorites is definitely the car.
This is demonstrated by the exodus and against exodus that has just occurred on our motorways.

Traveling by car involves many risks and we are not just talking about driving risks, but about the problems related to the vehicle itself.

Before leaving

Before leaving, it is always better to revise your car or have it done by professionals.
For those who prefer do-it-yourself: remember to check the condition of the wheels, the oil level and the brake status.


Also remember to check that your insurance is still valid, otherwise arrange for renewal with the same company or a new one.

Extra guarantees

Not sure your insurance is enough? Would you like to have something more to rely on?
You can think about  stipulating additional guarantees.

The question now is: who ?
We can give you a suggestion:  RPM Garantie, which provides different types of conventional warranty on both new and used cars.

Another thing not to be underestimated: RPM also deals with the management of the legal guarantee of conformity.

During the trip

While on the road, pay attention to the road and above all do not get distracted by your mobile phone: the law  is very clear about it

It is forbidden for the driver to make use of radiotelephones or to use sound-absorbing headphones while driving, with the exception of drivers of vehicles of the Armed Forces and of the Corps referred to in Article 138, paragraph 11, and of police. The use of hands-free or headset-enabled devices is permitted provided that the driver has adequate hearing abilities at both ears which do not require the use of hands for their operation.

For those who break this rule, the fine, in Italy, can reach € 647.

Also pay attention to the blows of sleep: if you are tired stop in a rest area and rest.

And then? Then, enjoy the journey!

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