Cascata d'Otro Mountain Village Eco Friendly House

Constructing an eco-friendly mountain house

The characteristics of today’s contemporary mountain architecture are based on long-established architectural concepts. Open floor layouts, local materials, exposed workmanship, an appealing color palette, and low-maintenance gardening are timeless qualities that make mountain life simple. From this article, we are going to explore some things to look for in green mountain house designs to ensure you get the genuine deal.

Features of the eco-friendly house

Unique shapes

Mountain houses constructed out there usually come along with unique shapes. These unique shapes provide an excellent support to the eco-friendly design as well. For example, there are open staircases, which minimizes internal spacing needs.

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Placement of furniture

The placement of the furniture will define living areas. For example, the master bedroom is on the same level as the open residing and kitchen. The guest bedroom, kids bunk area, and gaming area are all constructed into the berm just on bottom level. The two floors are connected by an open central staircase. Such a mountain house helps people to minimize the usage of resources at the time of construction

Usage of local resources for construction

Modern alpine architecture, like the more conventional forerunners, uses local resources in its finishing, such as native cut wood and locally mined stone left in its original condition. The house’s utilitarian look can be enhanced by exposed steel hardware supporting the trusses just on concrete walls and main level and flooring on the lower level. This will eventually create an eco-friendly construction process. That’s because there is no need to source and transport raw materials for hundreds or thousands of miles just for the construction.

Oversized Doors and Windows

Large glass panes interrupt the walls to take full advantage of the wonderful lake and mountain vistas. Inside, prestressed concrete wood doors with no panels that would detract from the contemporary feel and age the construction provide seclusion in the bathrooms and bedrooms.

A mill-finished aluminum frame multi-windowed garage could be rolled up from of the gaming room to a patio overlooking the lake just on lower level, allowing simple indoor/outdoor living. This can provide a contemporary living space to anyone.

Neutral colors

Rather than stronger reds, yellows, and greens, contemporary mountain design tends to choose for neutral colour schemes of whites, grays, and blues to complement the natural stone and wood materials and steel accents. When it comes to wood wrapping on the walls, we want to strike a balance between homeyness and softness and crisp lines.

For the main living rooms, rich, saturated neutral hues like grays, taupe’s, browns, and creams are powerful and attractive, while brighter colors like plum, mustard, teal, and green would liven up the house’s play zones. The light changes dramatically from hot to cold, so neutrals might work. However, no pastels can be recommended for mountain houses as they’re too delicate.

Low-Maintenance Gardens

No one wants to spend all of their time keeping a yard while visiting a primary residence or holiday hideaway when they might be out on the lake boating. Native trees, grasses, and bushes will grow with minimal care and give the yard a natural feel. The canopy of the surrounding forest near Lake Coeur d’Alene is made up of Douglas firs, ponderosa pines, white pines, and oaks.

Final words

Going green has a number of apparent advantages, including less waste, cost savings, energy savings, and health benefits, to not mention the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the environment. When looking at different house designs, one of the issues that individuals seeking for environmentally friendly house plans encounter is determining what really qualifies as being ecofriendly.  

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