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Print solution services with EasyDot

Easy Dot srl  is Maurizio Sanzone’s company , founded  in 2009. Since then, this company has been dealing with services for printing at 360 degrees.

The history of Easdot

Maurizio Sanzone has been employed at Timsons Italia for 11 years. When the company closes the Italian office, the idea was to continue to give the same services to all those customers who had that support now missing.

Easydot soon became the benchmark company for the European market able to guarantee a wide variety of services related to printing systems.

To complete the offer: specialized employee able to meet all customer needs, provide personalized assistance and advice for the maintenance, installation and handling of commercial rotary and offset presses.

Print Services

Let’s have a look at the offered services

We must talk about a 360 degree-variety services, covering every sector.

Specifically they concern: representation services for Timsons, Printhouse service and used machinery but also technical assistance, spare parts and accessories for Man Roland machines.

Another covered sector is the sale of used machinery.

Timsons and Print House Service

Two are the collaborations of EasyDot: Timsons and Print House Service.
The first as assistance in the purchase, installation and after-sales service on presses used for printing books.
As far as the second one is concerned, EasyDot carries out a representation service.

Easy Dot Philosophy

EasyDot philosophy can easly sum up as follow:

We aim for excellence and share our knowledge so that users and developers can become creative and great, we become “greative”!

Furthermore, it is a good idea to mention the strengths found by users: we go from excellent customer support to excellent project management, through a good monitoring of production.

For further information on products and services, you can consult the site EasyDot 

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