CGT trucks

CGT Trucks: the guarantee on construction vehicles

 CGT Trucks produces reliable and guaranteed work vehicles. And the guarantee comes from the DESA group of which CGT Trucks has been part since 2008.

Another important collaboration is certainly that with the Dutch DAF that adds value to this leader company in the sector.

CGT Trucks: services and products

Let’s see all the services and products offered.

Dealer Caterpillar, trucks for quarries and construction sites are part of the products, but we must also mention the road construction that completes the company’s offer.

It is also a must to mention the rental of vehicles: a sector that has seen great growth and has led the company to expand.

Going into details, the Long Term Rental is a service born in 2012 that represents a fundamental point of the company business.
The growing demand over the years has meant that this sector has become increasingly important in order to fulfill the customer’s demand for resources.

CGT trucks: the growth

CGT Trucks was born and developed initially in the production of construction vehicles and later opened its horizons to industrial vehicles.

The partnership with DAF arrives in 2008.

But the biggest step takes place in 2013, when CGT becomes CGT Trucks: the important growth that the company is experiencing brings to this new technical and logistic solution.

CGT Trucks: the team

A team composed of professional people who undergo a training process: the “DAF Academy”. Here is the interface between the customer and CGT Trucks.

On balance, we speak of a leader company, reliable and professional under really many points of view: starting from the collaboration with Daf through his staff and without forgetting the reliability of the means.

To take note and know the entire range of vehicles and services offered by the company, it is good to visit the official website of  CGT Trucks .

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