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IG TV: the TV on Instagram

And after videos on Youtube, on Facebook and even on Linkedin, another social network has opened the door to this sector.
Though, there is news.
In this case, we are not only talking about simple uploaded videos, but about a real social TV.

The social network we are talking about is Instagram.


From June 21st, a new symbol, that of  a TV, appeared on the profile of all Instagram users .
And from that day you can enjoy new content.
These contents are real videos-as can be the YouTube’s videos-related to the profile itself, because anyone can upload video and open a IG TV channel.

In fact, until then, Instagram gave the possibility to upload very short videos of just one minute, while on the IG TV the videos can reach up to 10 minutes.

The peculiarity is that they must be visible vertically. This is what users ask : this is the trend.


Entering the IG TV via the special icon we talked about, there are 4 sections: For you, Followers, Popular and Keep watching.
There is also a search field to be able to find the videos more easily.

Specifically: in the section For You is the app itself that proposes videos, on Followers instead the videos are those to whom you are in contact with, while on Popular you will find the most viewed videos and on Keep watching there are the videos you started to see and left behind.

How do we use IGTV for?

This new opening to the videos on Instagram is due to expand towards an audience that is increasingly interested in watching personal videos.

In fact the tendency is to watch less the classical TV and to enjoy more and more online contents.

Will it succeed? Will the Stories die?
Time will tell us!



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