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Laser technology

Laser technology appears on the market at the end of the 70s and immediately finds a high consense and large use.

How does Laser technology work?

The laser is a device capable of emitting a coherent light beam. The term refers not only to the device but also to the physical phenomenon of amplification by stimulated emission of an electromagnetic wave. The spatial and temporal coherence of the laser beam is related to its main properties.

Maralaser and laser technology

The company Maralaser, leader in the production of agricultural machinery, has long exploited the use of this technology in the creation of its products.
The company produces in fact laser scraper.

How is a scraper made up?

Maralaser scrapers are composed of three elements: the machine that works the ground, the transmitter and the laser beam receiver.

The transmitter

Laser technology makes possible to have a linear, concentrated and very luminous ray of light even at a distance of several hundred meters. The use of a particular rotating crystal pentaprism, which brings out the incoming laser beam at exactly 90°, creates a 360° reference plane. The receiving system picks up the signal and, through leveling, reproduces the plane created by the laser transmitter onto the ground. The latter is placed above a tripod at a height above the cab of the tractor, so that there are no obstacles between the transmitter and the laser receiver. The modern laser transmitters are self-leveling as they automatically find the horizontal plane. You can also set floors with 1 or 2 slopes and the laser beam can control the machines up to a distance of about 650 meters.

The receiver

The receiver is the component that reads the laser light that the transmitter emits. This happens through special light-sensitive photodiodes. The leveling machines must be able to move on all the ground following different directions in relation to the conformation of the ground (earthwork and carryover areas);  it is therefore necessary to have a precise, sensitive signal at 360 °

The machine that works the land

Through the plane created by the laser transmitter and picked up by the receiver, the machine can be correctly controlled for ground leveling. The particular geometry design and the hydraulic pistons controlled by the solenoid valves, which are managed by the control box, ensure that the blade rises and falls correctly in order to obtain the desired plane with an accuracy of ± 2 mm.

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