How to open an online store

For all those who want to expand their clientele or simply to reinvent themselves in a new job, the web certainly offers a great possibility, that of the online store.

A great innovation that widens the horizons and increases the possibility of sales.
But how to open your own online store? What are the possibilities?

What’s an online store?

Let’s take a small step back and see what an online store is:

The expression online store (or online store, virtual shop, more rarely with English expressions webshop and online shop ) refers to a type of electronic commerce in which the means of realization of the purchase is the website, and in which the economic transaction takes place, in fact, entirely via the internet.

All the solutions

Now we come to the most interesting part: let’s try to understand what are the possibilities we have to open our e-commerce.

There are many solutions and different platforms to lean on to open your online store.

The first solution, the most professional, is to turn to specialists, a web agency, who can create an ad hoc e-commerce site.
And this is what makes Softplace, an Italian company leader in the sector.

An alternative to this first way may be to go and place your own shop inside the existing sales portals.
In this case we can mention eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Blomming. These portals give the opportunity, after registration, to create your own showcase with your products and services.
It should be noted, however, that there are conditions of sale to be covered: for example, an entry fee and a percentage to be paid to the portal itself in the event of sale.

The last possible solution to undertake this type of activity is to rely on social networks.
Indeed, Facebook and Instagram have their own marketplaces on which it is possible to add your own shop and yur showcase with the products to be sold.
In this case it will be sufficient to register first on the social network with a company account.

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