Travelling and taste

We travel even with our taste

Traveling also means savoring new dishes, discovering new recipes and trying out new foods and textures.

It is not always easy: we are Italians and on our side we have the fact of residing in a land rich in food and crops, as well as an enviable cuisine.

This fact, however, inevitably turns into a counter when we travel: the comparison with what we find during our holidays abroad compared to our mother country is not always favorable.

Food and travel

The fact is that a trip is also savored with local specialties, otherwise it can not be defined complete.
So the advice is to throw yourself and try.

Of course if the grasshoppers are really revolting for you, opt for fruits or local meat.

Better still if you know how to derive from local, biological cultures.

Focus on organic farming

And since we often hear about organic farming, let’s see what it is and why, even abroad, it is good to choose it.

Organic agriculture is a type of agriculture that exploits the natural fertility of the soil, encouraging it with limited interventions, it wants to promote the biodiversity of domestic species (both plants and animals), it excludes the use of synthetic products and genetically modified organisms ( GMOs).

It has been proven that cultivating a land following the idea of ​​bio-cultivation, preserving the soil and the nature that surrounds it, leads to meet the needs of a greater number of people.
As well as benefits on the quality of the food itself.

Obviously the use of technology is not completely excluded, indeed there are really useful tools, such as laser levelers to give the right shape to the land on which to grow, or professional irrigation systems to make up for water scarcity.

One of the companies that deals with agricultural machinery is Novak, a leader in the production of laser and gps graders.


But coming back to us and to our trip abroad.

In reality we will never know if what we find in the plate derives from the use of Novak machines, but it will be enough to know their origins from organic farming to trust about genuineness.

And then? Then remember to taste and not back out!

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